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SuperGrapes® Heart Chews with CoQ10

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Plant-Based Blood Pressure + Cellular Energy Support

Cellular energy is more than the spark behind your every heartbeat. It’s a key to supporting healthy blood pressure at every age. NEW and IMPROVED SuperGrapes Chews delivers the added strength of CoQ10—an essential coenzyme your body needs to produce cellular energy. SuperGrapes chews combine the clinically studied cardiovascular benefits of our unique grape seed extract, plus Vitamin B12 and CoQ10 to help:

  • Support healthy blood pressure
  • Replenish your CoQ10 levels (which may benefit statin drug users)†
  • Promote cellular energy
  • Support circulation and healthy blood flow
  • Help protect cells from free radical damage & reduce oxidative stress

Frequent Questions

How Does SuperGrapes Chews differ from SuperBeets Heart Chews?

While both products feature clinically-researched grape seed extract, SuperGrapes provides additional heart health support with fermented CoQ10. The bioactive form of Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) is also included to promote energy. SuperGrapes provides comprehensive heart health support in addition to triple action energy support (heart healthy energy from blood flow, cellular energy, and metabolic energy).

What type of Vitamin B12 is in SuperGrapes?

SuperGrapes includes 500mcg of the active form of Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) to support metabolic energy and help your body more efficiently derive energy from the foods you consume.

What form of CoQ10 is used in SuperGrapes?

SuperGrapes includes CoQ10 in the form of Ubiquinone

Can I use SuperGrapes if I am already using SuperBeets Heart Chews?

Yes – SuperGrapes can be used in conjunction with SuperBeets Heart Chews for more comprehensive heart health and energy support

Is the CoQ10 in SuperGrapes from a Vegan source?

Yes – the CoQ10 used is non-animal derived and is produced using a yeast fermentation process

How much CoQ10 is in a serving of SuperGrapes?

There is 100mg of CoQ10 per serving (2-chews)